Thursday, 17 March 2011

Latest Additions for the “To Do” list

Two months to go and the list of outstanding actions is growing.

-  Make appointment with doctor and obtain a copy of medical records

-  Arrange appointment with dentist for final check up and obtain copy of records

-  See accountant and discuss requirements to complete tax return for current FY

-  Speak with financial adviser regarding income stream whilst in the UK

-  Advertise and sell second car

-  Tidy up grounds around the house

-  Confirm selection of preferred removalist

Actually my list is quite short when compared to Jan’s :-)


Ali and John said...


Just found your blog through NB Chance, we are also have our NB in build at the moment, please have a look at our blog of the build and we will follow yours with interest! Hopefully we will meet on the cut one day.


John & Ali

Tom and Jan said...

Hi John & Ali,

Already added your address to our blog list. Now I must rush off and read your blog!

We look forward to seeing you on the cut.

Tom & Jan