Wednesday, 2 March 2011

An Improvement in the Luggage Allowance

Until today we have been working on a checked luggage allowance of 23kg each from Sydney to Hong Kong.  Leaving for five years and only have 46kg of accompanied luggage means you have to get rather ruthless with the list of possessions you intend to take.

However, after looking at the Qantas website, I have identified that as a lifetime silver frequent flyer I get a checked luggage allowance of 32kg.  This means our combined allocation is now 55kg.  The additional 9kg might make the world of difference.

We will still stick with our plan of buying additional clothing when we are in Hong Kong. 


James said...


Been following your blog. It's all very interesting. How's the shell coming on - has work started on the fitout yet? How long does it take to build one of these, I don't know much about it. When do you hope to be cruising - by the Summer?



Steve Jones said...

just wear all your clothes in layers and attempt in fit in the chair. Also wear a jacket at check-in but remove it when you board - saves about 2kg

Tom and Jan said...

Multiple layers... Keep the good ideas coming!

Hi James,
The shell has been moved to our builders premises at Hixon for the fitout. We understand the application of the spray insulation has been done and that the wiring has either commenced or will shortly. We would like to be cruising by summer but this will obviously depend on how the build progresses. Hopefully there will be some photo's of the build in the very near future.