Thursday, 31 March 2011

Gradually Packing

Well the business trip to Port Pirie went well.  A 500km round trip that takes approximately 3 hours each way.  The land is looking rather green after all the recent rain.

Now I’m back at home I’ve been assisting Jan with the gradual packing of our effects.  We have just under a month until the removalists arrive so this will be one of the more relaxing moves we’ve made (I hope!).

I have dismantled the Jarrah BBQ table and Jan has “nested” all the chairs.  The upper sundeck is now starting to look rather empty.

The three seat swing has been dismantled and I have both the BBQ and gas lamp running to burn off the last of the LPG as the removalists obviously won’t carry the gas bottles.  Even if they are empty!  The BBQ is nearly 20 years old, and whilst it is reasonable condition I can’t find anyone who wants it so it will be recycled as scrap steel.  No more looking through the telescope at views of the city and coastline.

I wonder if we are going to miss the scenery?   Of course not!  We will be able to open our side hatch and see something new every day!


Androidinabox said...

nice view of the house

Tom and Jan said...

Yes.... But the view from the boat side hatches will be better :-)