Monday, 28 March 2011

The GPad has arrived

I recently wrote about my tablet comparison.  No, not the small white pills I have to take to control my temper!  I’ve purchased a GPad GForce directly from China.  The nice man from DHL delivered it and my first impression is that it’s an iPad clone.  It also appears to have all the functionality of the new iPad2. 

The operating system is Google Android, which I haven’t previously used, however it seems to be based on Linux.  The tablet has a capacitive touch screen with only four physical buttons.  There was NO user manual with the tablet, however the Chinese website has a copy available for download.  Upon opening the manual I discovered it was all in Chinese text.  No problem – I’ll use Google to translate the Chinese text into English.   Hummm…….. something has happened to the syntax and grammar. 

After a couple of days playing with the buttons I’m fairly confident it is now all configured with the wifi working, Windows usb drivers installed, and a firmware upgrade.   All I now need to do is work out how to get the 3G modem to connect into the network.

Oh…. why the GPad instead of the iPad2?  Well it’s less than a third of the price and has the same functions.  


RJF said...

Hi Tom,
How is the GPad going? Are you happy with it. I appreciate your comments as I am looking to jump into the tablet pool and want to be able to use office and other Android apps rather than the Apple stuff
Reg Foster

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Reg,

I'm quite pleased with the GPad and am still finding my way around it. The first thing I've noticed is the Android operating system on the GPad may be a "tweaked" version. However this is my first experience with Android so this may be an invalid assumption.

It's doing everything I currently want. The only function I have yet to get working is the 3G connection using my broadband mobile dongle. However that isn't critical because the wifi is working.

If you would like to know where I purchased it or even get to play with the tablet I should be back in Adelaide next Wednesday through to Sunday.