Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Dirty End

The black water tank has been located under the floor in the back cabin.  You can see it is about 6” higher than the floor level through the rest of the boat which doesn’t really worry us.  We were more concerned to ensure a large tank could be fitted to achieve maximum storage capacity with minimal loss of living space.


Peter and Margaret said...

Hello, Tom, a strange subject to be commenting on I know, but facts are facts, and could be useful! We have just pumped out our blackwater tank today. The last time it was done was September 16th. last year! I know we have had the winter layup in between, but still! Ours is 600 litres I do believe, and located under the fixed double bed, which, as you have previously mentioned, does give the boat a slight starboard list when it is full! It lasts us around 4 weeks constant use, or, around 2/3 months of weekend use, and costs £15 for a pumpout. One thing you do have to be wary of with a large tank though, is that some marinas will charge double for the job. A handy piece of kit to have with you is one of these:
If you use BW pumpout facilities a large tank will use two pre-pay cards, where with one of these, you can pump it yourself to the ordinary elsan disposal for free, (however some stations won't allow this), or into a 25 litre container if you happen to be miles from anywhere when the thing shows full. Regards, Peter.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Peter,
We have done a considerable amount of research into both the tank holding capacity and its location. Hopefully we have managed to reach a good solution.