Monday, 7 March 2011

Baking Day

For a number of years Jan has been baking all loaves of bread.  Her technique has been to make the dough simultaneously using two bread making machines, (to achieve the required quantity) but bake the dough in her own oven.  The bread makers appear to have a much longer life if they are not used to bake the bread.  Two secondary consequences are; there is no hole in the bottom of the loaf from the paddle; and the loaf from the oven is larger.

Jan has now taken the process further by eliminating the need for the bread makers.  She has worked out a method of producing the dough and then being able to store it for a number of days only using portions when required.  The idea is she will be able to produce all our bread when on Waiouru.  Today the aroma of freshly baked bread wafted through the house and I subconsciously started to salivate.  These cheese and bacon topped buns are still hot from the oven.  They are delicious with a slice of butter.

This is Bara Brith (Welsh fruit cake).  A favourite of Jan’s (must be the welsh in her?)

Thank goodness one of us can cook and we’re therefore not likely to starve on Waiouru.


Steve Jones said...

your blog seems to be imitating mine now? I guess that is the greatest form of flattery

Tom and Jan said...

We made our sewage postings well before yours!