Saturday, 12 March 2011

Avoiding Calais

We have just been advised my UK visa has been approved which means my alternative plan of catching a ride in the back of a truck at Calais can be discarded.  The visa is valid for two years and I will apparently then have to apply for an extension or settlement.  Jan delights in informing me I will have to pass an English language and culture examination.  She seems to think I might struggle with both!  I was going to disagree, but after watching two episodes of “The Boat That Guy Built”, is he actually speaking English?  I didn't understand half of what he said!
I’m the first to admit the passing years have made me a little deaf; which has created moments of amusement or frustration for both of us.  Somehow I will cope!


Peter and Margaret said...

Bye 'eck Tom, I reckon you 'ave a much better chance of passin' an English language and culture exam than most people we mix wee round 'ere!
Try this one: Th'all reet cock? Dust thee fancy a paant in't pub wi some babbies yead, chips an' peywet, thaas one ower yon. Translated would mean: Are you well my friend, would you like to join me for a drink and perhaps a meal of steak pudding, chips and mushy peas, there is a pub just over there.
That's how they speak up't North!
The boat that Guy built is entertaining, but I would like to see their steam powered shower pass a safety scheme survey!

Tom and Jan said...

I got the piece about the 'chips'!

Oh well; I will just have to request they repeat everything slowly.

I don't believe Guy has actually done much work to the boat. It seems his partner is doing most of the work.