Thursday, 3 February 2011

Up front

Tim Tyler recommended we add one foot to the foredeck area otherwise it would become very cramped.  We agreed to this and found the additional foot by cutting 6” from the original length of the bathroom plus a further 6” from the saloon. This has allowed us to keep Waiouru at 58’6”

One of the main reasons for Tim suggesting this is the size of the locker that runs above the bow thruster tube. It has reduced the foredeck area and if we didn’t add the extra foot then there would be almost no foredeck.

We actually hadn’t anticipated a requirement for this locker and as you can see it is rather substantial.  It looks like there will be plenty of room for the two 135AH AGM bow thruster batteries and some additional storage. 

Tim said he would construct it at a height which would enable it to be the second step when alighting from the bow.  This is another thing we hadn’t considered and no doubt will prove quite useful for a couple of “oldies”.

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