Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Satellite Dome Mounting Points

We were slightly concerned to see the location of satellite dome on the roof in the earlier photos as it appeared to be too far forward.  However, this photo appears to show four small mounting brackets in the correct place immediately forward of the centre houdini hatch. You will also note the second arrow pointing to the “Boatman’s Beam” that runs across the roof of the boat. My assumption is the beam adds strength to the roof and also reduces the volume of water that might run to the rear of the boat filling the semi-trad cockpit area.

One thing I immediately noticed in the photo was the clean and tidy Wilson/Tyler workshop area.  In my opinion it’s a sign of a safe and professional operation.

If the houdini hatches are able to be opened bi-directionally then I think our opening sequence is likely to have the leading edge of the front hatch up and the reverse with the last hatch.  The idea is the front hatch will act as a scoop for fresh air and the rear hatch will be the exhaust.   


Peter Berry said...

By the way the story of you boat build is unfolding you are going to be able to enjoy a boat with one heck of a specification. I am very envious! Tyler Wilson are one of the most respected builders here, and their boats always command a premium on the used market. With the thickness of that baseplate, you won't be needing much ballast!

About us: Tom & Jan said...

Hi Peter,
We deliberately specified the 20mm base plate to reduce the amount of ballast. This is to provide room for the sheets of Kingspan underfloor insulation. The walls and ceiling will be double insulated (spray foam and then foil backed bubble sheeting.
It might be stinking hot here in Australia but we don't want to be at the other extreme in the UK.