Monday, 21 February 2011

Progress Report

Last night we made a VoIP phone call <click here for explanation> to our builder Ben Harp.  Ben was able to tell us Waiouru has been spray foam insulated and he hopes to be able to move the shell to his premises for fit-out sometime around the middle of this week depending upon the availability of transport. 

We gathered that Ben has been having some long days commuting daily from Stafford up to Sheffield to work on Waiouru. His travelling time should reduce when the shell is closer to home.

I’m quite pleased we bought the VoIP box and found a VoIP provider.  We have gone with Maxotel and although they are based in Brisbane we haven’t had any issues, apart from a problem with phoning 1300 numbers.  We discovered if we phoned an Adelaide 1300 number we would get a Brisbane number.  The VoIP phone gives us three advantages.  All local and national fixed line calls are 12 cents.  These calls are also untimed.  The 3rd advantage is we can phone the UK for 2p a minute.  As a result it’s now cost effective to phone Ben and Kelly rather than attempting to explain everything in an email.

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