Friday, 4 February 2011

Getting a Grip

During our second canal holiday in 2003 I decided to check the depth of the water.  This occurred  as a result of my failure to maintain my grip on the cabin handrail. (the water was waist deep!).  I think this unplanned action was partially caused by an increase in body mass which had occurred over the previous two decades along with the relatively sharp edge to the handrail on the roof of the hire boat.

The design of the cabin handrail on Waiouru provides a much rounder edge and; whilst I have no plans to do any further testing on the depth of the canals; we are hoping the improved handrail design makes walking along the gunwale safer.

Waiouru also has some rather nice scroll work


Bruce in Sanity said...

Piece of canal trivia; the old boaters called falling in "taking a look" presumably at the bottom of your boat.



Tom and Jan said...

I did fall.... I jumped! The problem was that it was IN and not ON. However I did learn my lesson.