Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I’ve just finished reading our January edition of the Canal Boat magazine and particularly noted the reviewed boat had a can-bus DC power distribution system.  The reviewed boat was fitted with a system from Mastervolt whereas our is an Empirbus system.  I compared both systems before selecting the Empirbus. 

My reasons for selecting the Empirbus were:

1.  The Mastervolt system was very integrated almost requiring the exclusive use of various Mastervolt components whereas the Empirbus system provided much greater flexibility in the integration of components.

2.  The Empirbus system had the option of remote keyless access and the ability to communicated with the boat via text messaging.


Bruce in Sanity said...


I believe Mastervolt have had some software problems with their integrated systems in the past; nothing wrong with the kit itself, just the interactions, so Empirbus does look the better bet.

On another note, knowing that you are really Kiwis, I hope none of your friends or loved ones were in Christchurch yesterday. If they were, best wishes for their safety.

All the best


Tom and Jan said...


I am confident we have selected the better can-bus system.

We lived very close to Christchurch from 1982-84. A lovely city and the cathedral in the main square was a beautiful landmark. But NZ sits astride the Pacific "Rim of Fire", so there is a reason why it's referred to as "the shaky isles".

We hope our friends are safe!