Friday, 18 February 2011

Ben has been “Beavering Away”

Kelly kindly sent us a few photo’s of the work Ben has been doing in anticipation of receiving the shell from Wilson Tyler.  We are quite impressed with what looks to be a very high standard of joinery.


My initial reaction was “What are these?”  Then I realised they must be the inner porthole liners.

houdini liners

There are no square windows so these must be the surrounds for the Houdini hatches.  I can see someone standing just out of view of the camera.  They are wearing gloves <brrrr> and the ground looks wet.  How will we cope during the English winters.  Actually, we might also ask ourselves the same question about the summers!


Peter and Margaret said...

I think you are right Tom! From my own experience, our hottest summers, (more and more unusual these days), are only equal to Brisbane's average winter temperatures, although I do believe the climate is a little more temperate where you are.

Tom and Jan said...

From my own experience of both climates I would say Brisbane and Adelaide have the same temperatures. However Brisbane is more humid (hot and tropical) whilst Adelaide is hot and dry.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Bitterly cold in Stafford today, we should have worn our thermals.

When's the shell due now, Tom - it must be ready, surely?

All the best


Tom and Jan said...

Lovely warm rain here yesterday. It made quite a change after all the hot dry days. The weeds are now starting to rapidly appear!

We have a telephone call booked with Ben & Kelly tonight and should get an update on the build.