Wednesday, 12 January 2011

What’s the status of the shell?

We had an email from Kelly before Christmas advising Tim Tyler had almost finished fabricating the shell.  Interestingly, we can’t be the only people who are curious about the situation as I received an email from Chris Wells on nb Belle enquiring about progress.

Well I made a couple of attempts to phone Tyler/Wilson from Australia late Monday evening our time.  no success on the first attempt; probably because I had my time zones mixed up and it was too early in the morning.  I managed to get through on the second attempt.  Whilst I could hear the conversation quite clearly it was apparent the connection at the UK end was very poor.  Consequentially we have not been able to obtain a progress report.

Chris has written about a problem with his Electrolux TravelPower unit in latest blog entry.  We did consider including a similar unit in our own boat specification but in the end opted for a very large domestic battery bank and inverter.  It remains to be seen if it was a wise decision.  Notwithstanding this, I am confident the combination of the battery bank and inverter is more than capable of managing our 240v AC requirements.

I wonder how many of our regular readers noticed our blog address has changed.  Yes, we have purchased (actually rented) a domain name and with a little help I’ve managed to link it to the blog.  The next step is to migrate the blog across to our own website.  Should be fun “stuffing” that up!

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