Friday, 28 January 2011

What are these holes?

I’ve noticed that there appear to be small indentations in the side of Waiouru and am trying to think of their purpose.  I can’t zoom in any further.  There appears to be two more further towards the stern and this time they are set one above the other.
There is something similar on the other side of the boat
The left arrow is pointing to it.  My guess is they might be water draining holes for the cockpit or perhaps vents for the rear gas locker.  This would explain the higher hole on the starboard side.  Can any of my readers confirm my assumption or tell me their real purpose.
The second arrow is pointing to the diesel filling point which has yet to be fitted.  There is one either side as there a two tanks at the rear (engine and central heater)


Peter Berry said...

Yes, you are quite correct in your assumption. The holes that are pointed out by the arrows are water and/or gas drainage holes. All the exposed decks have built in channels exiting in drain holes so that water doesn't enter the bilges. During this winter, when the boat was covered in thick snow, these channels and holes froze solid on Kelly Louise, resulting in substantial bilge water build up as it the melt water drained into it instead of overboard. The one at the stern could well be an exit for the bilge pump pipe. Hope this helps, Peter.

Chance said...

They are either gas locker ventilation holes, one might be an exhaust for your central heating boiler, and it could be for the bilge pump or general drain holes for the rear deck. However, they seem to be far to low and too close to the water line for comfort, they should be between the top rubbing strake and the next one down.

About us: Tom & Jan said...

Thank you for that! It confirms my assumption as to their purpose. I will place my trust in Tim Tyler that they are in the correct position.