Thursday, 13 January 2011

We have some photo’s

Well until now the only images of Waiouru have been my own from Google SketchUp.  However that changed last night when Kelly emailed us photo’s of the shell taken during their visit to Wilson/Tyler on Monday

When I opened this first photo my immediate reaction was “This boat is “LONG and  very THIN!”.  Probably why they are referred to as narrowboats :-)

Boat 1a copy

Arrow 1 is pointing at the grill over the “Girlie Thing”.  I understand that boats who don’t have this grill are the people that refer to it in this derogatory manner.  For those who do have the grill it’s referred to as the cover over the bow thruster tube. We asked for the grills at either end of the tube to prevent large foreign object jamming the impeller blades.  My thoughts are…. If the technology exists, will assist, and is cost effective, then do it!  I should also point out this is a cruising vessel and other more famous cruising vessels have both bow and stern thrusters.  We are in illustrious company!

You might just be able to see the thickness of the 20mm baseplate below the grill.  Tim mentioned to me in an earlier conversation the delay in starting was a problem in sourcing the material for the baseplate.  Most boats have a 10mm bottom.

The white object on the roof marked by the second arrow is our TV automatic satellite dome. I assume Ben took it along to see how it would look on top of the boat.  This isn’t our intended position for the dome.  It goes back along the roof just forward of the bulkhead (partition) between the saloon and the bathroom. 

Boat 2a inside 

This is the interior of the 2x2 metres box steel culvert pipe we plan to live in.  Sometimes I have brief moments when I doubt our sanity.   If we wanted to; there are plenty of concrete culvert pipes in our neighbourhood where we could set up home.  There’s not all that much to see in this photo.  My assumption is the internal props and temporary bracing keeps all the steel plating aligned whilst the fabrication is completed.

Early days I think!


Paul said...

Nice to place a picture to the build!

Tom and Jan Jones said...

Hello Paul,

Great to hear from a fellow blogger and boater. Hopefully our blog will start to get a little more interesting over the next few months.