Thursday, 20 January 2011


It’s still early morning and yet you can feel the heat already.  Today is going to be a ‘scorcher’!  This morning the TV national news was showing a lovely sunny day in Brisbane city.  However the scene was deceiving as most of the shops were shut whilst they recover from last weeks massive flood.  Sadly the funerals for those who drowned during the flooding have also commenced.  And b*gg@er it!  The air conditioner has just failed.  The circuit breaker tripped and now there are no lights on the air conditioner control panel.  I’ve re-set the circuit breaker which has done nothing to resolve the problem.  I can feel a trip up onto the hot steel roof approaching!

We are guessing that by now Tim Tyler will have completed fabricating the shell of Waiouru so she should almost be ready to be moved to Ben Harp’s premises for fitting out.  When we started this project the delivery date was the end of February.  Somehow I can’t see that being achieved.

Oh.  The Visa!  I’ve looked at the UK website to check on visa requirements.  Goodness me; there are so many different categories of application to chose from.  And if you make the wrong choice you have to start again, plus you forfeit your application fee!  From what I can see the cost of the application is approximately $1500 so we won’t want to forfeit that!  It can take up to three months for the visa to be approved which means I’ll need to get the application lodged as soon as my new passport arrives. I also need to have my biometric information collected (photo and fingerprints).  Unfortunately this can’t be done in Adelaide which means I’ll need to travel to another State capital city for this to be done (more unplanned expense)! 

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