Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Today we got serious about the passports

The office manager went on line and filled in the application forms for the two of us.  Fortunately she can remember all the important information (birth and, marriage dates, plus locations).  It didn’t seem all that painful an experience.  But then it wasn’t me who did all the work.  I’m no good at administration!  The next stop was the local post office to make an appointment for our ‘interview’.  The passport size photo’s we had previously purchased turned out to be unacceptable which meant delving into the purse (not mine) to get the credit card out for a new set of photo’s.  Then I had to find someone who was willing to admit they knew us and would sign the backs of the photo’s stating it was an accurate likeness.  Have you ever noticed how passport photo’s have two distinct qualities.  They make you look much older and give you a slightly sinister and criminal appearance.
Trevor kindly did the deed (Thanks Trevor) and we are now booked for our application interview at 12.30 tomorrow.  All the required documents have been carefully compiled by the office manager so I’m confident the applications will be accepted.  Once we receive our crisp new passports I’ll have to start the process of applying for a UK visa.  The Office Manager, Chief Financial Officer and Chairperson of the Board already has her UK passport!  I’m the foreigner!

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