Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Thinking Minimalist

Some readers may recall my earlier posting about converting all our DVD to AVI format and storing them on the hard drive of a Network Media Tank (NMT).  Doing this “crushed” them to one sixth of their original size and eliminated our requirement to carry a DVD library.  We then did something similar with our CD music collection.

The final piece of data was our reading material.  We both enjoy reading but don’t want to fill Waiouru with loved books that may have to be discarded when room becomes a scarce resource.

The solution has been eReaders.  I’ve been watching them for a few years and the functionality has increased whilst the price has reduced.  I actually managed to see my first eReader, a Sony, when our youngest returned from the UK with one. 

After researched a wide range of eReaders we have selected and purchased a BeBook by internet from the UK.  I looked carefully at both the Sony and the Amazon Kindle.  I didn’t like the latters file recognition formats which seemed too restrictive and I didn’t much like the idea of having to download by a wireless internet or mobile phone network connection.  The Sony seemed to be too expensive for the functions.  The BeBook was cheaper and will read a wider range of file formats.

It doesn’t have a touch screen.  But then we don’t need the function.  It charges through the usb plug on the laptop and when fully charged it’s good for 20,000 page turns.  After using it for a few months I love it.  It’s particularly good on long flights as I’ve usually seen the in-flight entertainment on a previous trip.  I was concerned it might get damaged so I enquired about the cost of a cover.  Too damned expensive!  Jan has knitted it a cover.

No doubt this will keep it nice and warm on Waiouru during the winter months Smile


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Mark Z

Tom and Jan Jones said...

Hi Mark,
I wouldn't go as far a brilliant! Perhaps logical. Unless you were refering to the BeBook's knitted jumper :-)