Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Testing the Garmin Oregon 550 GPS

After a couple of very hot days the temperature dropped to 30c today which provided me with the opportunity to get out on a long walk.

I mentioned in a previous post the work I’d been doing with Google Earth and how I intended to use the “bread crumble” function in the Garmin gps.  This is a screen dump from Google Earth showing the route I took today when walking in the Mount Lofty Conservation Park. The route was uploaded from the gps to the Garmin Mapsource program on the pc and transferred from there into Google Earth.

Mt Lofty Walk 

In the upper left corner is the edge of Adelaide city and my route is shown by the thin blue line.  The line actually consists of hundreds of waypoints.  I’ve set the Garmin Oregon gps to record a waypoint every 10 metres.  I started at the top left corner and walked in an anti-clockwise direction.  The route took me on to Mt Osmond, then “Eagle on the Hill” to Crafers (bottom right) before heading up to the high point at Mt Lofty summit.  I then made my way back to the start point covering approximately 20km at an average speed of 6km/h.

This is the view from Mt Osmond looking west towards the centre of Adelaide city.

Mt Osmond

This next photo is from the Mt Lofty summit. Again looking west towards the city and gulf.

Mt Lofty

Both scenic photo’s were taken using the camera in the gps.

The gps has a function that enables the user to link a photo to a waypoint.  I need to learn this function as it may prove useful on the canal.


Anonymous said...

I received a Garmin Etrail from Santa together with softwarefor downloading trips and waypoints.
Having difficulty in downloading maps etc.

What is the secret?is it understanding what away point is? It may very easily be me and stupidity re understanding all things IT!!

NB Pendle Warter

Tom and Jan Jones said...

Hi Richard,
I have an Oregon 550 not an Etrail but there shouldn't be too many differences.
Are you managing the gps using a computer and do you have Garmin Mapsource installed on the pc?
Are you attempting to use Garmin maps or install a free set of maps such as Topo UK?

Tom and Jan Jones said...

I've been doing some googling on etrail. I thought it was a gps unit but apparently it is a cd of track waypoints. The is no map on the cd and the routes are uploaded from the cd to the gps via a pc. See (http://www.gpsdog.com/garmin-mapsource-mapping-software.htm).

The program was declared obsolete by Garmin in 2005. It appears that for the trails to be uploaded to the gps the pc must have a serial port which also implies a serial to gps cable must be used.