Saturday, 15 January 2011

She shows us her derrière


Did any readers notice what a mess I made of the Picasa Web photo linkage in the initial edition of my last post?  No!  Great….. then I’m not saying anything either! 

This is the last of our current batch of photo’s.   You can see the half round metal disc’s [1] we asked for mounted horizontally on the swim.  The idea is they can be used as a step to re-board Waiouru should someone decide to step off the boat before we reach the bank :-)  I believe the cylindrical anchor points [2] are know as “dollies”.  We specified “T” type anchor points so this will need to be discussed with Ben and Kelly.

It looks like we have a “lurker” hiding in the cockpit on Waiouru :-)  However the top of the yellow spirit level suggests it’s one of Tim’s valiant workers standing in the engine hole frantically beavering away to complete Waiouru for her anxious, excited, and demanding owners.

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