Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Reducing the Physical Size of the Video Data

As part of the boat minimalist plan I’ve turned my attention to reducing the physical size of of the video storage data.  My plan is to get everything onto two 2TB hard drives.

The first hard drive will go into the HDium Network Media Tank.  The tank can take a 2TB internal Sata II drive

Please ignore all my sticky fingerprints and dust.  The HDium is a rather plain black box with a card reader on the front.  Nearly all the input and output sockets are at the rear.  It has two internal TV tuner and capture cards which will enable us to watch one channel whilst recording another.  On the right side there is a rather unusual socket for an external Sata II hard drive. 

It’s not a real eSata socket but rather a quasi socket for a second internal Sata drive to be connected externally.  The HDium comes with a special cable to connect the second internal sata drive to the socket.  I didn’t want a naked internal drive sitting beside the NMT.  My solution has been to modify an old external hard drive case.  The power supply for it had failed which enable me to cut a hole in the end of the case.

This enable the special cable to connect to the sata drive I’ve installed in the case.

I’m now able to connect the external drive to the NMT.  This gives us 4TB of video and sound storage capacity.  Enough for approximately 8000 TV episodes.  I guess this will keep us amused on those miserable days when we don’t want to venture outside!

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