Sunday, 30 January 2011

Porthole Symmetry

You may have noticed the location of the rear porthole in our previous post.  Here is the photo again.

Tim Tyler has managed to fit the porthole in the centre of the smaller of the two recessed panels.  He managed to achieve the same effect on the port side as the following photo shows.

I’m really please he managed to do this as it’s something I hadn’t considered when calculating the location of the portholes.

My visit yesterday to the British High Commission Visa Section in Canberra went well.  I had a business meeting in the airport complex and as the Consular Office was only one kilometre away I took a stroll after the meeting to see if I could obtain answers to my questions.  The Consular was almost empty and as a result one of the officers kindly took the time to answer all my queries.  At the end of the meeting I told him I actually had all the necessary supporting documents with me and could I actually apply on the day.  He regrettably informed me they were closed for the day.  I thought it was rather good of him to give me some of his time on a day they were closed.

The result is that I will have to make an online application and credit card payment.  As part of this process I need to make a booking to have my biometric details collected (photograph and fingerprints collected).  Unfortunately this can’t be done in Adelaide which means I shall have to fly interstate to have the information collected.  I’ll probably make the booking in Melbourne as I’m likely to find the cheapest airfare on that route.  It will just be a one day round trip.  With the time zone change it will be another early start to the day.   I do have another business meeting in Canberra sometime in the middle of March, however this would not give sufficient time to have the visa application processed.

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