Monday, 24 January 2011

Off to Canberra

Well it appears I may be able to visit the British High Commission in Canberra earlier than I thought.  Today I received a telephone call requesting I attend a business project meeting next Thursday and the meeting is just around the corner from the UK Visa Office.  There should be time after the meeting visit the visa office and confirm which of the many visa application forms I need to submit.  It’s unlikely I will have received my Australian passport prior to my visit which means I’ll need to make a second trip to submit my biometric details.

It will be a relatively long day for a reasonably brief meeting.  There is only one direct flight from Adelaide to Canberra and that departs at 6:30am, arriving in Canberra at 8:45am (allowing for the time zone change).  The is no direct return flight so I will need to return via Melbourne.  This will get me back to Adelaide at 4:00pm.  By my rough estimate the flying time will be approximately three times longer than the meeting.

The chief financial controller is a poor flyer so it’s rather fortuitous she is the one with the UK passport.   


Northern Pride said...

Hi Tom, we'd be interested to hear how you get on with the UK visa application. Barry and I are hoping to return to UK in 2013 and live on the canals full-time too, sort of semi-retired, but likely that I'd be working in some capacity. I'm British with NZ residency, but Barry is a kiwi.
Let us know how you get/got on?

About us: Tom & Jan said...

Hi Sandra,
Just back from a long one day return trip to Canberra. I'll write you a PM about the visa visit.