Sunday, 16 January 2011

Google Analytics

Somewhat late with today’s post.  Just after midnight someone in the neighbourhood decided to turn on their stereo very loud and as a result we had a broken night.  Waking late I headed out on the usual Sunday morning walk.  However it was quite hot which made me rather lethargic.  Upon returning home I had to fix the pc which had decided it was taking a day off.  That took a further hour and I can now finally get the post completed.

A couple of days ago Paul, from NB Lola, left a comment on our blog about our use of Google Analytics.   I must confess to being both fascinated and addicted to it.  The diversity of the statistics enthrals me.  Since setting up Analytics on 29 December last year it has reported a steady increase in traffic sources so that today we have 25.  We have received 574 visits from 17 countries. The majority of our readers originate in the UK, followed by Australia.  However visits have originated from as far afield as Tonga.  It has been a few years since I last visited Tonga.  An interesting island nation full of friendly people and fierce rugby players.

The Google Analytics Map Overlay

The top traffic sources are:

Visits                            No          % of total

Direct                           130       22,65%   101      17.60% 70     12.2% 51   8.89%                     38     6.62%

I need to learn how to use more of the programs functions.

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