Saturday, 1 January 2011

Google Analytics

Well, two days ago I configured Google Analytics to work with the blog and despite the program telling me I’d see statistics within 24 hours it didn’t happen.  Eventually worked out why……..  I’d failed to configure it correctly.  A simple oversight on my part which was easily rectified. 

Today I looked at my first report.  To my surprise I discovered other canal boaters had found my blog and had already placed my blog address on their blog list.  After three months of quiet blogging we’ve been “outed”!         Back to Google Analytics.

There is an interesting map which shows where our viewers originate

analytics map 

23 from the UK

8 from Australia; and

1 from the USA

Of the 32 'visitors 26 are unique.  I guess that means once during the 24 hours.  Actually, I might be wrong.  It’s once during the previous month.  But then the clock has only been running 24 hours!

The source of the traffic to the blog is interesting



% visits

(direct) ((none))


28.12% (referral)


9.38% (referral)


9.38% (referral)


9.38% (referral)



Three have come via our boat builders website (Ben Harp Narrowboats).  Three from other bloggers sites and three from Sue of “No Problems” website.

Delving into this a little deeper I can see some readers have arrived via the following blogs

There is a pie chart which provides a summary of the referrals

pie chart

I think I’m getting addicted :-)


nb Chance said...

Its fascinating reading on these stats results, we have found the same, hope you are getting a few followers from our blog as well Tom. Glad you have sorted the blog out as it now updates regularly on our blog page now, so we can keep tabs on you when you update. Hope to see some pictures soon ? All the Best and Happy New Year.


Tom and Jan Jones said...

Hi Doug,
Everything has gone rather quiet over the past week. Can't think why everyone would be otherwise occuppied :-) I'm enjoying reading your blog and drooling over the photo's.