Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Change to the LAN Router on Waiouru

I wrote in my last post I thought I’d found a suitable wireless router from Solwise.  Unfortunately I received an email back from Steve Mace of Solwise advising the router would operate on 12v DC but it was no longer in production.
He offered the new 6500 as an alternative confirming it would also operate on 12v DC.
router 1
I wanted to check it would accept a usb dongle and did some further searching for photo’s.
router 2
I managed to find these two photo’s on another site.  You can see in the 2nd photo the unit has the following ports from L-R.  12v power input, 2 x ethernet out, 1 x ethernet in, 1 x usb port for the modem dongle. So it will meet our requirements.
I found the photo’s by googling “EnGenius”, the name of the manufacturer.  And I found their office in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, Queenland.  Ironically, a few years ago I used to regularly visit Acacia Ridge on business.  However I won’t be purchasing one EnGenius.  The price from Solwise is much more competitive!

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