Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Big Flood

The situation unfolding in Queensland might be considered astonishing if it wasn’t so tragic for those affected. 

So much rain has now fallen in such a short period of time that an area the size of France is now under water.  The area of affected land is so vast and flat that it can take weeks for the water to slowly flow to the coast.  Inland properties are starting to appear from beneath the water, however further towards the coast the water levels continue to rise.  Hundreds of homes have been inundated, some up to the eves, and for some poor souls it’s the second time this has occurred in as many months. The city of Rockhampton on the coast is now cut off by road and air.  The cost of the flood damage has been estimated in the billions.

We have already being warned the price of fruit and vegetables will rise nation-wide as demand places pressure on a reduced supply.  No doubt the same will occur with building products and home furnishings.  Whilst the rest of the country hasn’t been directly affected by the flooding I envisage our next insurance premium payments will see a substantial increase.

Here in Adelaide we have recently exited a declared period of “catastrophic” fire danger.  The hot weather has made everything tinder dry.  Police were out checking on the activities of known arsonists and all the forest and conservation parks were closed to the public.

It’s amazing to see the extremes in climate when living in the same country…….. or should I write… continent!

Being stuck in ice on a canal in the middle of an icy winter is actually starting to seem like a more pleasant situation.  <stop>   I may live to regret that sentence!

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