Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Banner

I was looking at the design of the blog yesterday when the text on banner hit me.  “A photo will be posted when construction starts”.  I suppose I can write that construction started last year (LOL).  Apparently the shell is almost finished.  Actually it probably would be finished if that damned fat guy who wears red pyjamas hadn’t arrived and sent the workers home!

However I must remind myself; I would not like to be working in freezing conditions fabricating steel plate. Nevertheless, one must be optimistic; so I’m anticipating we will have a photo to post within a week (or two). 


Steve Jones said...

when did you learn internet talk? i.e. LOL, ROFL

Tom and Jan Jones said...

In the days when email was BBS rather than internet - you remember! Oh... maybe it was BYT