Monday, 20 December 2010

Winter Photo’s

Looking at all the photo’s from the UK of narrowboats stuck in frozen canals reminded me of our trip to New Zealand last May.  Both countries have similar climates; although their seasons are at opposite times of the year.  We arrived to experience two weeks of New Zealand winter.  Making our way south we arrived at Waiouru (yes… we named the boat after the place!). 

Have you ever noticed how governments tend to place their army camps in the most inhospitable places.  Well, Waiouru is no exception!


Raining, cold, damp and limited visibility caused by low cloud!

We stopped at the Army Museum to stretch our legs and look around.  Part of me was filled with nostalgia and the remainder was screaming “let’s get out of here!”


Whilst wandering around the museum shop we came across these scarfs.  Thinking we’d look rather smart onboard Waiouru wearing personalised scarves we purchased one each.


Gradually we made our way south to Queenstown.  It was still cold, but this time the ‘wet’ was white and solid. Despite this Queenstown is nearly always picturesque.  You might describe it as “Hobbit Country”!


Just goes to show that even a bad photographer can take a reasonable photo if the scenery is good enough.

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