Wednesday, 8 December 2010

What a Storm

We’ve had a very unusual weather event with a large storm passing over the city and it dumped more rain in 30 minutes than we usually get during the entire month.  Getting home proved rather problematic with the localised flooding.  One of the hazards of living in the capital city of the driest state in the driest inhabited continent on earth is the stormwater system.  The pipes don’t have the capacity to handle a sudden downpour and they generally tend to fill with leaves and other debris from autumn further blocking the system.
Unlike the UK, at least our rain is warm....... rather than cold and solid!   
I made a trip to the local outdoor shop during my lunch break.  Just to “window shop” and get ideas for life during a cold winter.  None of the clothing appeared to be suitable for a frozen environment which didn’t really surprise me given the Australian climate.  I was hoping there might be some heavy duty waterproof mittens to examine but they didn’t have any mittens.  There was a small 36 litre daypack on special at $55 which almost tempted me, however I’ve decided to keep my old daypack and look for something in the UK as I’m anticipating there will be a greater selection. 

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