Sunday, 12 December 2010


Today didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped.  As I made my way down off Mount Lofty last weekend I developed a '”twinge” in my left calf muscle.  This morning I decided to cover two hill closer to home.  Going up both of them wasn’t a problem but as I attempted to make my way down from the second hill the calf muscle decided it had done enough for the day.  Consequentially I limped home the last 5km feeling sorry for myself.  It’s somewhat annoying as I’ll probably have to cease any long walks for at least the next three weeks in the hope it will give the calf a chance to heal.

The is a photograph I took on the walk today looking down at the 2nd Falls in Morialta Conservation Park.  It is most unusual to see water going over the falls at this time of the year.  Actually many of the less frequently used tracks are getting rather overgrown.  Another consequence of the recent heavy and late rain is the proliferation of blackberry bushes.  We may go out and do some picking when they ripen.

morialta 2nd falls

I took the photo of the waterfall with our Garmin Oregon 500 gps.  It has a simple 3.2MP digital camera on the back.  It’s not a particularly good lens and I normally only use it for taking photo’s of waypoints. The red arrow points to the lens which is set well back into the case for protection.


We purchased the Oregon in Sheffield whilst in the UK last year.  Actually we almost didn’t get the opportunity to purchase one as the UK release was delayed.  My original plan was to purchase the unit on the way to the Lake District and use it there for some of my planned walks.  In the end I had to use the Garmin Nuvi 600 which we purchased on an earlier UK visit. It’s a road gps and became rather confused when I took it across the hills.  I just ignored “Felicity’s” constant harping to “make a U turn”!  Unlike the Nuvi; the Oregon has a ‘breadcrumb’ function.  I’ve used this to map all the tracks in the local conservation parks.  The trails can then be uploaded to Google Earth from Garmin Mapsource.


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