Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tinkering Again

You may have noticed I’ve been tinkering around with the format of the blog (again).

Some weeks ago Debbie on nb Humdinger, mentioned my blog was not updating on her blog list.  At the time I ignored her comment (very foolish of me) as I had other things on my mind and I didn’t believe I’d created the problem.  A few days ago I noticed my link on Bruce’s blog (nb Sanity Again)  also wasn’t updating and that reminded me about Debbie’s earlier comment. 

I’ve set out to rectify the problem.  Without much success to date; I might add!  The first error I found was in the Blogger Template under ‘Settings’ –> ‘Site Feed’.  I had entered data into the window labelled “Post Feed Redirect URL” whereas it should have been left blank.  Other bloggers with the same problem had reported this fixed the issue.  However I didn’t fix my problem!  Next I read that an earlier post may have contained hidden code which was stopping the blogger routine from working.  The recommended solution was to delete the ‘rogue posting’.  I have nearly three months of daily posts and if there is a ‘rogue post’ I don’t know which one it is.  I’m not in the mood to delete all of them!  The problem is going to have to remain unsolved until I can think of another solution.

In the meantime I’ve become distracted by the site meter.  I removed the original ‘hit counter’ as I was becoming fixated by it.  Our IT savvy youngest son has recommended I use “Google Analytics” instead. 


Debbie & Bill said...

You fixed it!! Now, If you really want something to get fixated about, you need to add the UK Waterways Ranking button (http://www.coobeastie.co.uk/). One you've added that, getting up in the top 10 will be your No 1 priority!

Tom and Jan Jones said...

Hi Debbie,
I had the Waterways Ranking Button on the blog but have subsequently removed it. I found myself constantly checking the blog to see if my ranking had improved :-)

Instead, I'm going to focus on 'Google Analytics'.