Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Things are changing

Today started with gully breezes and finished warm and sunny.  I think the weather may have changed back to the norm.  If it keeps up I can see us finding a shady gum tree in the park on Christmas Day and having a picnic lunch.  This seems far more sensible than a heavy ‘traditional’ lunch on a hot day.  I can understand the turkey and trimmings in a cold climate but can’t see any logical reasons for doing it when the temperature is in the high 20’s or low 30’s.  Sandwiches and an ice cream is fine by me!

Kelly sent us an email letting us know the shell is almost complete and Ben has made considerable progress with the cabinets.  We’ve asked for a few photo’s to both brighten up a boring blog and partially satisfy our excitement.  I was concerned about Ben’s ability to work during such cold weather, however Kelly informs us Ben has a heated workshop so I can only assume his major problem might be getting there with all the problems on the roads.

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