Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Thank you fellow bloggers

I’ve been reading other narrowboat blogs for a number of years.  Actually they have been most useful, given we are on the far side of the world and therefore unable to regularly visit boat builders to discuss ideas.  The first blog I read was Maffi’s.  It was really a '”double hit” when I found his blog.  I was research for a business trip to Saudi Arabia and his blog covered both Saudi and the build history of his boat.

From there I went to the blog of Sue of “No Problem”.  Sue and Vic have been constant cruisers for a considerable number of number of years and Sue’s blog is very useful in attempting to understand and prepare for our own life afloat.  I also read the blog of Bruce from “nb Sanity”.  His description of the build of their current boat was most useful and he even kindly replied to a couple of my queries.

Chris Wells on “nb Belle” not only replied to my queries but also sent me drawings.  I must also mention fellow kiwi’s Dot and Derek from “nb Gypsy Rover”.  We were corresponding with Dot and Derek prior to our 2007 UK holiday and then went on to meet them during our trip.  Last year we met them a second time.  They have been very generous with their time and advice. 

Hopeful we will be able to do the same for others once we are living on Waiouru.

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