Saturday, 18 December 2010

Something Happened to Me!

It appears something crept up on me recently.  I reached 60 today.  Somewhat of a surprise as I’d never expected the day would arrive.  Now that it has I must remind the NZ Army they can start paying me that small pension.  I expect they also hadn’t anticipated that I would be around to collect the money.  Nevertheless I shall now do my best to collect as much money as possible in the time remaining :-)  Jan must have been planning as she purchase something suitable for me to wear on the big day. 


WARNING RETIRED  Knows it all and has plenty of time to tell you about it

Well it’s not true.  I’m not in that condition.  In fact recently I’ve been phoned about taking on even more contracts.  I can’t help it be amused by “progress”.  My father retired at 58 and I’m still working at 60.  Part of me would like to take more time to explain why I know everything (you’re a cruel wife - dear) and the other part thinks we may need the money so I’d better keep working.

At least she didn’t get me that other ‘T’ Shirt.  The one that has on the front “Senior Citizen – Just give me the discount!”

And that reminds me…….. I can apply for a senior citizen concession card.

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