Saturday, 4 December 2010

Some Photo's of the Wiring

There was no lighting in the dining room and the lounge room had a sole light fitting hanging from the ceiling.

lounge b4

The first thing to do was to put the "apprentices" to work.  Here Steve (the oldest son) does some preparation for the wiring.

steve at work 

Meanwhile I applied my supervisory skills and completed the more technical work.

tom at work

We fitted six downlights into the dining room and ten into the lounge. A new ceiling is going to be installed at a later date so the light fitting have been left suspended at this stage. You can see the new fittings in the following photo.

lounge after

It looks better with the lights on.  There will be even more light when they fit the new ceiling and paint it white.

lounge lights

Next tasks were the wiring for the downstairs bathroom, upstairs en-suite and the outdoor floodlighting.

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