Monday, 27 December 2010

Not much of a shopper

Neither Jan nor I are very interested in window shopping.  I go to the shops to buy what I want and promptly leave!  This means we are likely to have at least one free day when we are in Hong Kong on our way to the UK to take delivery of “Waiouru”. 

After we leave the hotel on the final morning we can take our checked-in baggage to the Kowloon Airport Express Terminal and check it in with British Airways.  The next time we see the heavy luggage will be at Heathrow.  So whilst we will have unburdened ourselves of suitcases we will have little carrying capacity for additional purchases.  No more shopping!

The flight departs at midnight so we need to decide how to fill in our final day in Hong Kong.  It’s not our first trip which means we’ve already seen many of the more well known sights.  However I happened to notice there is now a “Disneyland” in Hong Kong and it’s located near the new airport.  Some twenty years ago Jan enjoyed her previous visit to Disneyland when we were in LA so this seems like a good way to fill in the day.

Problem solved…. I hope!

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