Monday, 13 December 2010

The Cratch Cover Design is Feasible

Some time ago I remember Sue on nb "No Problem" wrote on her blog in positive terms about work that had been done to their pram cover whilst in the vicinity of Stafford.  By using Garmin Mapsource and Google Earth I had worked out very early in the project that Great Haywood is near Stafford, so Sue's comments appeared to be a great referral.
Of course I couldn't remember the name of the company, however a search of Sue's blog reminded me it was Staffordshire Canopies and that they worked from their narrowboat named "Hundred Akers".  A quick google search gave me an email address.
I sent Tim and Lisa a brief email to enquire about their location and whether they are still manufacturing cratch covers.  There was a very prompt reply advising they were indeed in the general area of Great Haywood.  I immediately responded giving our thoughts on the design of the cover.  Tim and Lisa informed me our ideas for the design are feasible, consequentially they are at the top of our contact list when we need to have the cover made. 
It's a good feeling when another milestone is achieved.

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