Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Day

To any UK readers whilst it might be Christmas Eve where you are, here in Adelaide we’re already halfway through Christmas morning.

It was warm and muggy overnight so we slept with the bedroom curtains and French doors fully open.  We woke at 6.00am to the sound of rain drops falling on the pergola plastic roofing.  It wasn’t much rain, just the odd drop.  However it’s still unusual for this time of year.  The day is now overcast and warm.

There is a local Christmas morning tradition that the dog owners and pets meet in the park for a brief social gathering.  I walked ‘Bella’, our miniature daschund, down to the meeting and then for a longer walk afterwards. 

Xmas Dog Meeting 

The dogs appear to have a great time socialising and; after a few glasses of orange juice mixed with sparkling wine; their owners appear to feel the same.

Jan has just received a call from our two sons in Coffs Harbour and I’ll shortly phone my mother in Perth.  The temperature is rising so lunch is likely to be very light!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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