Friday, 31 December 2010

A Cheaper Option

The momentary switches for the canbus DC power distribution system to be fitted to Waiouru were sent to the UK using DHL.  It cost approximately A$150 and whilst they arrived safely it seemed rather expensive.
I now need to arrange for the switch faceplates to be sent and this time I’ll use ‘Australia Post’.  By laying the faceplates flat and aligning them on a piece of light cardboard I can fit the face plates and mounting blocks into a plain white A4 sized envelope.  They have been test weighed at the local post office and the estimated cost of sending them is A$9.
I’ve secured them on the cardboard using sticky tape in an attempt to ensure they don’t damage each other by moving around in transit.  I’ve also placed the side that will be seen after installation against the cardboard in an effort to further protect them.  It might be prudent to send them immediately during the post-Christmas lull.
Yesterday the mercury reached 39c and today’s forecast is 43c.  I wonder if any of our UK readers are interested in exchanging locations?

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