Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Back on the Tools

The last three days have been solidly spent back on the tools. It has been quite a few years since I re-wired a house and by this morning many of my muscles were reminding me it's a young man's game.

Flush light fitting have been wired in the lower floor along with a new outdoor power socket on the pergola. Both sons have helped me wire the new en-suite. Adding wiring to an existing home is always somewhat more complex. Particularly as I like to conceal all the wiring!

The builder and tiler are also here fitting out the new downstairs bathroom and laundry. The area is too small to allow me to also work in there so I'll have to finish the wiring tonight after they have left for the day.

I'll then need to cut off the power to the house to make the final connections. Hopefully tomorrow will be R&R before we catch our flight to Sydney at midday. At this rate I'll need to go back to work for a rest.  But I have enjoyed myself!

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