Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What a difference six months can make

Earlier in the year I was using the internet to price boat components in the UK.  The TV’s, domestic battery bank, sat dome, camera system, etc.  Everything was more expensive when compared with purchasing locally in Oz.  After revisiting some of the original websites in the UK recently I’ve noticed the advertised prices have reduced significantly.  The situation has changed so significantly that it’s actually more cost effective to purchase in the UK.  One assumes the current GFC is forcing UK suppliers to cut their margins?

There is an additional benefit for us as the value of Australian dollar has significantly increased against the UK£ and the US$.  The exchange rate during our last visit was 33p to the A$.  Now it’s 62p.  Additionally, one A$ would buy 50cents US.  Now it’s at parity. 

So UK prices have reduced and the value of the A$ has doubled…….. Each day I go to work I know I’m now making double the money I was 12 months ago.     LOVE IT!!!!!

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