Saturday, 13 November 2010

Selecting a TV

More research on TV’s.

We have decided on a 32” flat screen TV and at that size LCD provides a good picture.  Actually the new LCD/LED backlight TV’s are even better.  The choice is down to two.  The Sony Bravia KDL-32EX703 or the Panasonic TX-L3228. 

Sony KDL32EX703Panasonic TX-L32D28

                        Sony                                                                            Panasonic


The Panasonic comes with a built in FreeSat receiver which means it could connect directly to the satellite dome receiver.  Consequentially there would be no requirement for a FreeSat set top box.  However the Panasonic is more expensive than the Sony.

The Sony doesn’t have built in FreeSat and we would therefore need to purchase a set top box.  If we select the Sony then I’m considering this model of Humax.

Humax HD Set top box recorder 

It is high definition and has the ability to record broadcast programs.  The combined cost of the Humax and Sony is slightly more than the Panasonic.  An additional factor is that Sony currently have a special offer where they will rebate back the VAT on the TV.  This means both options are on a par when it comes to price.  However the Sony/Humax option would provide the ability to record programs. 

There is a second ceiling mounted ‘automotive’ flip down TV in the bedroom.  We need to get the satellite signal to it.  The connection options are coaxial antenna cable or composite (red, white, yellow).  Because the Humax has it’s own 320GB hard drive there is no requirement to connect it to the Network Media Tank (NMT).  Both the Sony and Panasonic TV’s have 4 x HDMI input sockets so that’s not an issue.  The Humax has one HDMI output socket which can be used to connect to the main TV. It also has component, composite and SCART outputs.  This means the Humax should be able to connect to both TV’s.  Something the Panasonic option doesn’t provide.

I think we are likely to select the Sony/Humax option.  The satellite dome receiver would connect to the Humax set top box.  The Humax would have a HDMI output to the Sony TV and a composite output to the small TV in the bedroom.  The NMT can connect two one of the other HDMI sockets on the TV.

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