Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Problem with the Bedroom

Oh No!   I’ve made an error with the location of the portholes.  The bedroom is 9ft long and I placed the portholes on both sides of the boat in the middle at 4’6”.  However I forgot there is a 2ft deep wardrobe either side of the forward doors into the cabin.  This makes the portholes look ‘off centre’ as shown below.

Bedroom Port Side 3


See how the porthole is not in the middle of the bed!  I’ve written to Kelly and Ben advising them of my mistake and requesting they move the portholes to towards the rear by 1ft. 

Bedroom Port Side

You can see in the drawing above the lockers above the bed.  There are small 1ft wide lowboys either side of the bed with two drawers.  At the end of the bed there are four large drawers and a storage cupboard. The half of the bed nearest the side of the boat can’t be easily accessed.  We will probably have to lift the base of the bed to get to the area which may get used for seasonal clothing.  To the right of the bed is a full height wardrobe with drawers on the lower half and a coat hanging cupboard in the top half.

As you can see in this next drawing the same problem exists with the planned location of the porthole.

Bedroom Starboard Side

I’m very pleased I produced these rough drawings otherwise I may not have identified the porthole problem.

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