Sunday, 14 November 2010

Preparing for the Move

I know, it’s rather early to be considering the move however some of the items we have previously purchased will be required during the fit out of Waiouru.  18 months ago we purchased the small Engel 12v fridge/freezer when it was available at a special price from a recently opened camping, boating and fishing shop.  Our big 240v chest freezer had failed and we took the decision to buy the Engel.  We’ve been using it as our home freezer ever since.  The other item we have is the mobile phone aerial which used to be on the 4x4.

There were a couple of spare sheets of 9mm plywood in the shed and some left over timber beams under the porch.  I’ve ripped down the beams and run them through the thicknesser to make packing case framing and there was just enough plywood to line the frame.  The dimensions of the box were dictated by the width and height of the Engel and the length on the aerial.  This actually give spare capacity which will be filled with winter clothing and manchester.

Now I’m emailing shipping companies in an effort to obtain an acceptable quotation to consign the case by sea.

My next action will be to produce a movement project plan (critical path) which must identify all the activities we need to complete prior to leaving Australia.

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