Saturday, 27 November 2010

One Day

I have a long term plan to purchase a domain name and space on a server where I can establish a website for Waiouru.  I’ve read the book……. Creating a Wordpress Theme for Dummies which seemed quite complicated.  I guess this means I’m worse than a ‘dummy’, however I’m sure I’ll manage.  My idea is that I’ll then transfer the current blog from Blogger to Wordpress and host it on the website where I’ll have more control (and responsibility) over data integrity.

My initial research indicates it would be more cost effective to purchase (rent) a domain name in NZ or Australia along with the server space. However I’m not sure whether this would adversely affect connection speed so more research is required.

I know that developing and designing websites used to require some knowledge of html code, etc.  However our eldest son recently designed his own website using a mac so my assumption is the process has become easier.  Of course I have no flair for ‘design’.  That can be left to Jan or the youngest son.  My strengths are in concept and supervision. Smile

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