Monday, 15 November 2010

Limping Home

Fortunately the title has nothing to do with the boat.  I went out for my weekly long walk on Thursday.  Yes a day late! But unfortunately I had a business appointment in the city on Wednesday.  There wasn’t much sun but the humidity level was high.  Perspiration was pouring off me and I was grateful I’d taken two water bottles.  The flies were out en-mass and looking for a drink.  Mostly off me; or so it seemed!
This is the view from the top of Black Hill looking towards Morialta Conservation Park.  At this point I had completed about a third of the circuit.  I just need to drop down into the gorge and climb up the trail on the far side
top of Black Hill Trail up Morialta
Photo on the right is a ‘close up’ of the one on the left.
Unfortunately the trail down to the gorge is getting rather overgrown.  The late spring rain has resulted in a spurt of growth from the native vegetation.  I don’t mind pushing through the waist high native grass; it’s the though of snakes that’s making me cautious. 
The second gorge has some spectacular rock formations.  I rather like the ancient look of Australian cliffs.
Deep Creek Lookout looking up at the lookout
It wasn’t until I reached the bottom of the second gorge that I noticed this small, and increasingly rare bird with the bright blue plumage.  It flitted around preventing me from taking a good photo with my cheap digital camera.
blue birdbluebird1
I know…….. out of focus!  However you can get an idea of it’s plumage!
Just before I left the park there was a female koala and cub resting in the fork of a gum tree.  Koala’s do a considerable amount of ”resting!”  I’m sure I could learn something from them.  I’ve been told the gumtree leaves they eat have very little nutrition and as a consequence the koala’s don’t have much energy.  I suspect this is correct and I’ve never seen one moving fast. 
koalas in tree koalas in tree close up
Mum looks asleep, however the cub was curious and looking around.
Then there were some pretty bright green parrots high in a gum tree and just out of range of my compact digital camera, hence the slightly blurred photo.
parrots copy
I need to find some lower to the ground to get them in range!


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Tom
Rather you than me. Do you know what the bird is?

Tom and Jan Jones said...

I think it's a male "Fairy wren". They are apparently quite rare around human habitation due to domestic cats.