Tuesday, 23 November 2010


The boat is now insured.  I’m not adverse to a little cheating so rather than do my own research I went back and read the insurance company reviews and recommendation by Bruce from nb ‘Living in Sanity’.  We’ve opted to go with the same company.  The icing on the cake was the location of their office “New Zealand House”.  It appealed to a 5th generation kiwi!

The policy was emailed to me and I spent an evening reading through the pages of fine print making notes of my various queries.  One thing that particularly stuck out was only boats under 9 metres were insured for transport by road.  Our shell will be 18 metres so I queried whether it would be covered - It wasn’t!  I’ve had to arrange additional cover for the one time (we hope) that ‘Waiouru’ will be transported from Tyler Wilson to Great Haywood.

However Jan was pleased to read that we are covered should we want to water ski behind the boat.  Most useful!  Should you happen to be on the same stretch of canal watch out for us. 


Anonymous said...

That's what I like a "can-do" spirit! Ha Ha!

Tom and Jan Jones said...

Photo will eventually follow :-)