Sunday, 21 November 2010

Getting the Aerial to the UK

You may recall in an earlier post I mentioned we would remove the external long-range mobile phone aerial off our 4x4 and take it with us to mount on the roof of the boat.


The idea is to use it to improve phone and data coverage.

The aerial was to go in the wooden packing case but the recent change to the plan means we need to look for another option.  It is too long to fit in our suitcase so I decided I’d need to either make, or purchase, a tube to carry it in.  More money to be wasted!  Then Jan remembered we already had a cardboard tube containing the house plans.  It’s just the right size!


I will tuck the tube under my arm; casually walk onto the aircraft and then place it into the overhead locker.  Hopefully it won’t create too much attention when it is X-Rayed at the security checkpoint.  I’ve just had another thought!  I can wrap socks around the aerial before inserting it in the tube.  They will prevent the aerial from rattling around inside the tube and it will also free up space and weight in the suitcase.


Bruce in Sanity said...


Interesting idea; we don't have any antennae as potent as that one here. Would it be a good idea to check with your airline before trying to walk on with it? Things are *very* twitchy over here these days, and you might find yourself being made to abandon it at the gate.

If you tell the airline/airport your problem, they should be able to suggest a solution, shouldn't they?

All the best


Tom and Jan Jones said...

Hello Bruce,

I appreciate security in the UK may be an issue. But I will be arriving with it having already flown. If they want to take it off me at security in Sydney it will go in the hold (which won't worry me).